the best gift

The best gift that we can give someone is our time and our presence. It doesn’t matter whether you send a birthday gift, a greeting card, flowers or maybe even a cake to someone, nothing beats you showing up in person.

And this applies not only for occasions of joy and celebration, it also applies, more importantly, in times of hardships, adversities and loss.

This is where it’s so important to get our priorities straight and what or who matters to us crystallized in our minds. When we know what we want and who we want around us, it gets easier to figure out where and how we need to spend our time.

Our time is a gift that our creator has bestowed upon us, and it’s up to us to either use it wisely or squander it away on non-essential commitments and people.

So many times we spend our time and presence on things that don’t resonate with us, and activities that deteriorate our well-being. Instead, we can divert and direct them to things, activities and people that are not only close to our heart but also elevate us.

Having less priorities and people around us is not a bad thing, in fact, it helps us focus on depth and make more meaningful connections.

Make it a priority to be a strict custodian of your time and presence and focus on quality, not quantity. Because when we use them diligently and intentionally, we end up creating more opportunities for ourselves and others to enjoy them in a better way.