the creative well

As artists, we need to constantly put ourselves in different and new environments so that we soak in the insights and ideas around us. They enhance our perception of this world as we view the world from new angles. We need to consistently be in touch with things that inspire or inform us. It’s our job to come up with new ideas and creations by amalgamating different concepts together. An artist’s journey demands a constant input and output. The more we take in, the better we produce. We can’t let our creative well become dry.

In this day and age where we are bombarded with advertisements and irrelevant information, we need to be extra careful about what we consume. If we are not vigilant, we bring noise and junk in our lives that can lower down the quality of our work. We need to let our creative well be pristine and pure. It’s our responsibility as creatives to birth something new and impactful and that may involve letting go of some short term pleasures. We need to let our creative well be a reflection of our higher self so that we pour our heart and soul into our work without any impurity or adulteration.