the cult of superficiality

Everyone is running around in a rush to get things done so that they can check them off from their list and feel better about themselves. The current ‘multi-tasking’ culture is training people to become shallow and ignore excellence and depth. As Steven Pressfield points out, “The disease of our times is that we live on the surface. We’re like the Platte river, a mile wide and an inch deep.”

We are all doing work but we are focusing on quantity not quality. We need to go deep in our pursuits and let our work be a thriving incubator for our mastery, excellence and extraordinary performance.

Instead of being busy being busy, we can focus on our impact and productivity.

We need to go deeper in our work, health and relationships and let go of the ‘fast’ culture. If we surround ourselves with superficiality, we will live superficial lives. But if we go deep, we will live deep lives, enriched with passion, meaning and purpose.

If we want to make an impact on this world, we can’t go shallow and live on the surface. We need to step away from the herd and the cult of superficiality and commit to living a life that is deep and worthwhile.