the downside of being gifted

As a beginner, as a student, intelligence and natural ability can be a double-edged sword for a person. On one hand, innate talent, quick learning curve and unparalleled focus can be incredibly advantageous with regard to mastering a sport, a craft, or a field of study. On the other one, these same things, if left unchecked, can breed laziness, overconfidence, and drive the individual towards bad company and negative habits, proving dangerous for them.

When it comes to growth and cultivating mastery, there are no shortcuts. You have to take it slow. You have to develop your roots ala master the fundamentals and grow a little every day, just like a tree. 

Building a solid foundation and developing yourself with humility is crucial for perennial success. Don’t let your IQ and your natural gifts fuel your ego and overshadow the importance of acquiring wisdom and excellence. In other words, you must use your potential, not abuse it.