the emotional spectrum

Sometimes, as we through difficult times, we get caged within negative emotions, especially the deteriorating trifecta of pain, fear and anger. But we forget that we have equal access to other feelings as well in the emotional spectrum, viz. happiness, satisfaction, peace, contentment, joy, tranquility, excitement, comfort and intimacy.

We deprive ourselves of feeling positive emotions and get badly stuck in the negativity within. Instead, we can give ourselves permission to experience positivity and feel good even when we’re going through tumultuous times.

We can let go of judgments and any shame or guilt that we put on ourselves. It’s okay to find avenues that make us feel good. Instead of sabotaging our peace of mind and happiness, we can find ways to gain access to them.

Instead of lowering our vibrations, or letting others do that, we can step away from the negativity patterns that bring us down. It’s okay to let ourselves feel pleasurable and soothing moments.

It’s our birthright to feel as good as we can and it’s okay to look for moments that help us get in touch with positivity and happiness. No matter what we are going through, we can always work towards finding a balanced place of profound joy, satisfaction and peace within.