the importance of comfort erosion (2/2)

Comfort erosion is a blessing in disguise so that we learn how to orient ourselves to finding solutions and tap into the infinite abundance even when all the signs around us show lack. It’s going with the flow even if we experience rapids and get shaken. The pain and discomfort will not last long but our desensitization towards them will get intertwined in our success DNA so that we’re immune to any future obstacles.

Comfort erosion is a step forward in our personal development and expansion and becoming our ideal selves. It’s an indispensable instrument in becoming grounded for others once we take care of ourselves.

Comfort and discomfort are relative and based on our own perceptions. We have our own glass ceilings and only through comfort erosions, whether on a micro or macro scale, we get a glimpse of our inner power and our capabilities. We end up becoming stronger, wiser and better.

Once we accept and expect comfort erosion in our lives, we choose to become victors. Not too far as we go ahead in our journey we start realizing that circumstances of discomfort and hardships are actually gateways to ease.

Comfort is a notion with minimal roots in reality. The more we become desensitized to discomfort, the better we become and the easier it becomes for us to face obstacles and thrive hardships.

Comfort erosion may seem disruption at first, but it’s an essential step in building a newer, better and stronger foundation for our life.