the importance of energy management

Time management is a misnomer; at its core, productivity is all about energy management. We have to learn practical strategies and self-care rituals to manage our energy both in our personal and professional lives. Only then, we’ll be able to stave off burnout, stress overload, performance decline, and mental and physical exhaustion.

Taking care of ourselves and having little things that we can do to energize and rejuvenate ourselves on a daily basis whether at work and or at home can go a long way in sustaining our energy levels.

Skills such as being efficient with to-do lists, having dedicated time blocks in our calendars, and managing our time effectively are definitely helpful. But we must also think beyond those things.   

We have to incorporate helpful tools and activities in our everyday life so that we are able to navigate today’s fast-paced world. We have to be conscious about how we use our energy; we must let go of things and people that suck the energy out of us like vampires and instead focus on those that add peace, calm and joy in our lives.  

As Mehmet Oz (or commonly known as Dr. Oz) says, “It is not about time management. It is about energy management. The things you do in your life should give you that zest for life.” He continues, “If you are doing a good job at efficiently and effectively using your time, but you’re doing things that drain your life force and zap your joy, what good is really being done? You will immediately know if you should be spending your time on something by whether it gives you energy or takes it away.”

Effectively managing energy — both personal energy as well as energy in your immediate environment — can be a blessing and help you unlock the next level of performance and productivity that you’ve been trying to get to.