the importance of repetition in autosuggestion

the importance of repetition in autosuggestion

Repetition is fundamental when it comes to autosuggestion. The law of the subconscious mind is the law of compulsion. Doing once is not enough as it cannot change the beliefs that we have inculcated in the past. The important part that most people don’t get about affirmations and visualization is that we need to have a strong commitment towards them and keep on doing them consistently, daily if possible. Only when those affirmations and visualization are done every day, we are able to build the necessary momentum and form new neural pathways in our brain that are so important to drive us towards success.

As Zig Ziglar has said, “Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” We need to keep repeating these thoughts, affirmations and visualization exercises so that we can tune in better and get aligned with what kind of person we want to become and what kind of life we desire. With better alignment, we will be able to take better actions.

To influence our subconscious mind, we need an immense amount of commitment and focus. By making affirmations and visualization a priority in our lives and constant repetition, we get the leverage to change our minds and beliefs.

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