the middle ground

One of the important objectives of embarking on the journey of personal growth is attaining balance. Balance is the precious middle ground and we need to make sure we always have our eyes set on it.

It should always be our goal as we pursue our journey. There will be times when we may take refuge of the extremes in order to attain balance. We need to accept this fact and be gentle with ourselves as we participate in extreme choices and actions.

It’s something like skiing. We may have to navigate the terrain and take some extreme paths that are way out of the line of our destination, but our eyes need to be on where we want to go all the time.

Sometimes, shifting our paradigm and habits may require us to take extreme actions. It’s important that we explore and experience different peaks and valleys in our lives. Sometimes, to extricate ourselves from a valley and reach a higher ground, we may need to take a high and mighty jump to the peak. Once we’re there, we can gradually ease ourselves down to reach the middle ground of balance.

We need to accept that our extreme actions and whatever consequences they might bring are only temporary. With time, we’ll be able to find the balance that we desire again. We need to have faith and believe that things will eventually work out in our favor.

The core requirement to becoming courageous as we pursue the middle ground of balance is to be aligned with who we are and where we want to be. Only then we’ll able to endure the extremes, cultivate acceptance towards what we go through and ensure that in the long run we be gentle with ourselves.