the minimalist abundance

Abundance is not about seeking and acquiring more. It’s much easier to simply change our mind and our perspective. Often times, tapping into the abundance mindset is all about tinkering with our consumption. Some of us believe that we have a ‘need’ to consume more, because that is what our lifestyle demands. With easy access, we believe that we have an obligation to consume more. No, we don’t. What we have is enough. Maybe we can reevaluate our daily consumptions and see if we can reduce them. Or better figure out  and define what value each consumption adds to our lives, and if one turns out to be non-essential and junk, then simply get rid of it to create room for something better. As we weed out the excess, abundance blooms.

We don’t need more than what we already have, and for the things that we already have, we can consume them less with better intention so that their longevity gets extended. Less can be abundant if we make a conscious effort from our side.