the most powerful way to help others

As we go through our journey of personal growth and becoming a better human, a message — that strongly resonates with us — starts crystallizing in our mind. We know that this message when implemented has the potential to unlock a better way of living for anyone.

But as we discover the message and as we feel the need to carry this message to others, we need to be careful about the avenue that we pursue. It’s important that we build a healthy obsession towards our message and let go of our need to become an evangelist and control or rescue other people. It’s not our responsibly to reform and ‘fix’ someone’s life, and to convince, coerce or coax someone to adopt our message.

Instead we can carry this message to others through small and subtle but impactful ways. We need to let go of our need to ‘help’ other people. Instead of focusing on others, we can simply focus on ourselves and become a living embodiment of our message and the way of living that aligns with us. As we go through lives, our silent message has the capability to bring significant changes in others’ lives as well. Our quiet behaviors act as subtle invitations which end up working much better than ordering and commanding others.

We can distance ourselves from caretaking, rescuing and controlling. We can simply choose the route of passive inspiration.

We need to realize that the best and most powerful way to help others is to help ourselves. When we mind our own business and focus on our work and our life and live an honest and authentic life that reflects our inner truth, we impact others more than our kind and well-intentioned gestures of helping.

Instead of instructing others, we can show them the message that we believe in through our example. And if someone approaches and shows interest in learning from us, we can share our recipe quietly without any expectations.

We can’t change the people around us, but we can work towards changing ourselves. And we as walk on this quiet journey, focusing on simply bettering ourselves, who knows we may even end up bringing a significant change in the world.