the noise in our heads

If you have been experiencing some noise in your head, don’t feel alone. We all experience different levels of noise and clutter in our minds. We all get bombarded with so much information in our everyday life, mix that with the different experiences that we gather and the set of beliefs and perspectives we form, it all amounts to a certain frequency of noise that only we can relate to.

Meditation can help us lower that noise and get in touch with our inner wisdom and who we truly are. But we can’t deny that the noise never goes away.

The noise in our heads may intrude some of us to embrace our true human nature. As a result, we may engage in certain acts or say certain words that may make sense to us in those moments, but they may go against our true nature. On the flip side, we may engage in acts of generosity and kindness, but still get judged or ridiculed by the people amongst us.

As we live our lives, it’s important that we adapt to the truth that people are doing the best they can with respect to the noise they have in their heads. They are as close to their human self as they can be, even if they participate in the most heinous acts. Instead of fighting and ‘fixing’ other people, we just need to accept them as they are. We only have control over managing the noise that we have in our heads, and as we cultivate patience, self-control and self-mastery, we already make this world a better place.

So, if you have an annoying neighbor or a family member who abandoned you in difficult times, or a business partner who cheated you, just understand the truth that they are doing the best they can, as paradoxical it may sound. They are being operated by the noise in their heads and all we can truly do is accept this fact, learn the lessons that we are meant to learn and move on.

Some people with lack of emotional maturity would have hurt you and caused you immense pain, but when we truly understand them, we realize that they are like a little 5 year old kid who doesn’t know any better. How can we hold a grudge against them if we know they don’t have the capacity to act in an emotionally mature way? They’re doing the best they can. When we don’t hold anything against them, the act of us forgiving them never even comes in the picture, because we have accepted them as they are. And we are not judgemental or angry at them, instead all we have is acceptance and compassion towards them.

In order to minimize the noise in our heads, sometimes it may be crucial for us to build distance and create some boundaries. It might be difficult, but we still need to do it.

It’s easy to fall in the trap of anger, resentment and hatred but we need to guide ourselves in a direction that serves us  better and helps us tackle the mental fog that builds up inside us. Clarity is immensely important for us to be in constant touch with our human nature.

As we get better with dealing with the noise in our heads, we give our higher self the opportunity to shine. And the best part is that we may inspire others to minimize the noise they have in their heads as well, impacting humanity, one person at a time.