the one constant

The situations and circumstances around us will keep changing with time. This a given, there is no way around it. Nothing is permanent and we cannot fight change — change is constant. It’s naive to try and control other people and circumstances to adapt to our way of living. It can lead to a lot of frustration, anger, hate and resentment, and all the negativity that ensues.

The easier way is actually hard, but effective. And that is to control ourselves. We can’t have a say at everything and the only things that we truly control are our mind and our emotions. We need to cultivate mental toughness and emotional intelligence. No matter what we go through, good times or challenging times, WE will be always be there. We are the constant in the different variations of our life, so it makes sense to learn how to control our mind and have a better grip at our emotions. We can’t rely on anything else because we never know when things will change and when circumstances will eventually get better. But a good thing is that we can equip ourselves to always have our own back, no matter what we go through.