the paradox of extremity

Extremity can be both good and bad. On one hand it can get things moving and bring a significant change in our lives, on the other, it can wreak havoc and make our journey perilous and cause us unnecessary discomfort and pain. In contrast, moderation is always a sound strategy to progress ahead steadily. We humans fantasize moderation, some of us acquire it easily, some of us don’t. Sometimes, irrespective of our best efforts and consistent advances, even if we see progress for a short while, we are not able to sustain it for the long-term. In those times, situation demands a drastic change and we need to choose extreme actions over moderation. In the end, we need to leave a negative behavior or habit cold turkey, or change our living situation imminently. It can take a toll on us in the short-term but we don’t have any other workable option.

Extremity can lead us to both rewards and consequences. A great way to live is to prepare for extremity and act on it when there is no better solution, and at the same time make moderation an integral part of our life as best as we can. We are all different and different combinations of extremity and moderation work for each of us. It all comes down to choosing wisely and knowing what’s best for us. This decision is only ours and no one can take it for us.