the power of an open heart

As we embark on the journey of opening our heart and growing ourselves emotionally, it also leads us to opening our minds and expanding our consciousness. We attain increased clarity of mind and thought.

As we clear the channel to the heart by immersing ourselves in our emotions and expressing them while letting go of the old ones, we end up clearing the boulevard to the mind as well.

We are all aware of the mind-body connection, but there’s also a mind-heart connection that we need to pay attention to. Like a sore body or being sleep deprived can cause hazy thinking patterns, in a similar way, a clogged and aching heart can cause dysfunction in the mind as well.

Trying to think clearly with a blocked heart is a futile attempt and it’s both difficult and annoying. Instead of treading on this frustrating path, it’s best to relax and open our heart. And soon by virtue of the mind-heart connection, our thinking will become clear again.

In a nutshell, whenever you feel cloudy and confused, experience a tug of war within, and wrestle to get the answers that you are seeking for, let go of the struggle and stop trying so hard. Move your body and release the knots of physical energy. And then, open your heart and get in touch with your feelings. Soon, the fog will start to disappear.

Without putting too much effort or any force, your thinking will become clear again. And you’ll experience zero frustration and suffering in this process. That’s the power of an open heart, things will get better effortlessly and naturally, almost like magic.