the power of simple daily disciplines

Most of us think that the most successful people amongst us, the people that we genuinely admire, are simply cut from a different cloth. But this is far from the truth. They are ordinary people who display extraordinary commitment, grit and discipline. 

The difference between them and others who failed was their unshakeable commitment to their daily disciplines. They kept going even if they did not feel like it. You too can be extremely successful and join the elite. You have the potential within you, all you have to do is apply some simple daily disciplines in your life. 

It will become hard and messy at times, but you have to keep going, no matter what. With time, these disciplines will become habits and you’ll start doing them on autopilot. And this will get you in the upward spiral where your self-discipline and commitment to personal growth will help you achieve greater achievements.

Jim Rohn said, “Success is nothing but a few simple disciplines practiced every day.” If you want to become exceptional and create a life enriched with success, love, happiness, good health and abundance, you have to tap into the power of simple daily disciplines.

Nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished while sitting on a couch binge-watching shows. No mind was nourished by scrolling through a smartphone incessantly. No body was taken care of by eating fake food all day. If you want to change yourself and your life, you have to get up and get moving. It’s simple not easy, but it must be done if you want a better life for yourself. 

We all have access to extraordinary success and greatness. No matter what your background, nationality, level of education or personal circumstances are, you have the ability to achieve great things in your life. We all have the ability to grow, to improve, and to become better at our craft and as a human. We all have the ability to learn and master a skill. 

Doing nothing is the norm. Most people choose the easy option and as an outcome, never achieve anything worthwhile in their lives. While this a waste of human ability and potential, it’s a huge advantage for you. All you have to do is have a plan in place and commit to performing a few simple disciplines every day. It does not have to take up your whole day, it can be as simple as reading, exercising, meditating or learning a new language for 20 minutes every day. Not that difficult, right?

Remember, the pain of discipline always trumps the pain of regret. Doing a little something every day is exponentially better than doing absolutely nothing.

COVID-19 is here. This global crisis that we are all going through is an ideal time to strengthen ourselves. To elevate our interior empires and focus on becoming better every day. It’s time that we choose not only to go through this adversity, but also grow through this adversity. So, get back in the game and focus on sharpening your axe until these uncertain times subside. 

I’ve set up the Karma Yogi “Sharpen Your Axe” Challenge to help you just do that. To bring a positive transformation in yourself and your life. To help you embrace personal expansion and start looking at things from a whole new perspective. To help you become a better version of yourself. To help you have more “alive time.” And to turn this obstacle into an opportunity, and this negative experience of self-quarantine into a positive one.

I have been working super hard on creating this challenge for you for the past week, and the good news is that it goes live today. Its duration is 14 days — the length of the suggested quarantine period — and comprises of actionable insights and exercises that will help you grow and navigate these uncertain times while helping others. 

Challenge participants will receive: 

  • 14 Daily Custom Challenges
  • 14 Daily Custom Video Messages from yours truly
  • Printable 14-Day “Sharpen Your Axe” Challenge Worksheets
  • Printable 14-Day Gratitude Challenge Journal
  • Private Facebook Group access for Accountability, Motivation, and Community

What’s more important is that 20% of all proceeds (which translates to $10 per sale) will be given to first-responder charities such as Feeding America who are doing important work right now. By performing this challenge, we’ll create a win-win situation, both for ourselves and the Bravehearts on the front lines who are helping the needy and fighting tooth and nail to keep us safe.

Join me on this journey, sign up today.