the pull of the universe

The events in our life are divinely orchestrated by the Universe. Sometimes, they may seem organized and stack well over each other, while sometimes they may just appear as a random mess. The Universe works in mysterious ways, sometimes it gives us what we want and sometimes it gives exactly what we have been dreading for. The Supreme Intelligence, Higher Power or logos, as Stoics referred to it, governs the events in our lives and we as mere mortals just need to follow them.

We are all puppets on this stage of life and there’s someone else who has control over the strings attached to us. We do have some flexibility, privileges and consciousness along with room to explore ourselves and our lives, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are not in charge of what happens to us. Someone else is guiding our lives; we’re simply actors, not the director.

The most important choice then becomes whether we go willingly with the pull of the Universe or we get painfully and miserably dragged.

In the end, we have no control over what comes our way, what events unfold in our life and what direction our life takes. So, it’s up to us to either spend our lives nurturing love for our fate and cultivating cheerful acceptance or live in ignorance and denial and keep fighting the flow. In the end, both of them amount to the same thing. Our life will progress the way it is supposed to, whether we like it or not.