the right amount of friction

Whenever we feel stuck in life, moving forward seems challenging but it needs to be done. The key lies in starting, even if it means starting small.

Moving forward without a plan is a risky move as we are not intrinsically inspired and driven towards achieving a certain objective. On the flip side, too much planning may overwhelm us so much that we may shut ourselves down and not even bother to start moving again.

Hence, the solution lies in a balanced approach. The right amount of friction will help us move forward. Too less friction and we’ll find ourselves on a slippery surface — without any predetermined direction and about to fall and get hurt anytime. Too much friction and we may find it incredibly hard to go ahead increasing our chances of getting stuck again.

We need to have a proper plan but also stay away from getting too much into the details. Planning is necessary but execution is the most important thing. Because only action taken in the right direction will help us get unstuck and move forward enabling us to continue our journey, whether it be a personal or a professional one.