the search for ‘happy ending’

We all want insta-solutions. We want more money in our bank accounts, a loving partner who loves and cares for us, a wildly successful business, a wonderful home etc. as soon as we can. No matter what your ‘happy ending’ is, you feel that once you get these things, you’ll be finally be happy.

If want to be truly happy, we need to let go of the notion of ‘happy ending’. Happiness lies in the story, not the ending. Happiness lies in the journey, not in the destination.

Figure out ways to feel satisfied and happy right now as your life story is unfolding, otherwise the present moments will become missed opportunities even if you attain your ‘happy ending.’

Let go of the fantasies that Disney and Hollywood want you to believe in: that a miracle, a knight in shining armor or a serendipity will radically change our life.

We need to bring the locus of control back in ourselves; we can create our own miracles. If we choose, we can access the happiness within us now. And every day moving forward.

There’s no point in having a journey filled with miseries and despair in order to get to a ‘happy ending’. Instead, we can work towards making our story happy now that gradually and day by day leads us to a happy ending as well.

If you find it difficult to access the happiness within, just focus on non-thought. When you get in tune with the calmness, peace and tranquility within, you’ll be able to reboot yourself and with time get in alignment with things that will help you become satisfied and access the happiness within.