the silver lining

It’s tough to put a positive spin to adversities and hardships that we have faced or are going through presently. But the truth of the matter is that whatever has happened has brought us here. If our soul is strong and if we are wiser then it’s because of what we have gone through. Maybe there was no other way. We have made ourselves better; we are in better touch with our happiness. We have gained clarity about what to avoid, what to like, what to want, and what or who to love unconditionally.

The silver lining is that we have become a better person. The path to our evolution and revolution has been hard, but it has also made life easier than before. Fluctuations and frustrations are a part of life and there are no permanent cures for storms and winters. But with each challenge, we become better equipped to face another one. May be becoming better isn’t easy, but it’s worth it, for ourselves and for the people that we inspire.