the solutions are within, not without

the solutions are within, not without
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck / Unsplash

The core reason for every attachment is to feel a connection and to feel good. We are inundated with boring spaces and phases in our day-to-day life and don't know what to do with our time. We feel a lack of stimulation. And so, we constantly want reassurance from external means that our life is still worth living.

Our human brain wants excitement; it wants the rush to feel alive. All we seek is to bring life into our life again, but sadly we end up bringing things and entities into our lives that cause our downfall and rob the precious life force out of us.

In this digital age, getting connected is easy and a few clicks away, but it comes at the expense of genuineness and authenticity. Here’s the sad truth: Many of us are chasing lies and running away from our inner personal truths. The solutions, however, are not outside and in order to find them, we need to peek inside and know ourselves.

To know what truly excites us needs soul searching. It takes time, patience, and an understanding of the bigger picture that all things are happening for a reason — a big reason that we are unable to see right now. Only then we will be able to connect the dots and uncover a lifestyle of detachment, extreme self-reliance, and living our truth.

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