the three foundational principles for perennial success (1/3)

[This three-part essay is an excerpt from my book, Elevation.]

If we want to have extraordinary success in all aspects of our lives, then it is important that we establish few key foundational principles to guide us and light our paths, especially in the midst of dark times when we encounter difficult situations and uncertain circumstances. In those moments of chaos and confusion, these principles keep us grounded and help us in making the right choices and decisions without losing sight of our goals.

Here are the three foundational principles that are crucial to having everlasting success:

Principle#1: Always Be Prepared

We need to be prepared for anything and everything in our lives. The 6P formula given by Brian Tracy —  Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance — is a game changer. Preparation plays an important role in determining our outcomes.

We need to train ourselves to be able to face any adversity or challenge so that when the situation arises, we are better equipped to handle and overcome it. We should be ready to invest our time, energy and sometimes money to protect our downside. As a great Spartan saying goes: “The one who sweats more in training bleeds less in war.”

Whether it be preparing and planning for your day the prior evening or preparing for an event or a talk, failure in preparation can lead to costly mistakes. Benjamin Franklin succinctly expressed this truth in these words: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

One of my shortcomings has always been of being the “last moment” person, but once I realized how my lack of discipline was affecting my well-being and my results, I started working hard to get rid of this behavior.

Not only does preparation help immensely in achieving the results that we desire, but it also reduces a great amount of anxiety and stress. It helps you in becoming calmer and having a clearer mindset when the situation demands.

Make preparation a habit, and I guarantee that your life will go smoothly and you’ll have a greater peace of mind.