the two pains

Not all pains are created equal. There are two types of pains: the good pain and the bad pain. The good one helps us grow; it makes us antifragile. It stretches us and in the process we become better and stronger. It pushes our boundaries and takes us to new heights. The bad pain resorts to meaningless suffering. It has no net-positive impact, either on ourselves or anyone around us. It’s self-sabotaging and masochistic. Life will offer us both pains, it’s our choice which one we want to bring in our lives.

Pain is inevitable but through our better choices, we can minimize the bad ones and maximize the good ones. We also need to be vigilant that we don’t inflict too much of either pain deliberately in our lives. Pain, either good or bad, when experienced in excess can deteriorate us. It’s a lifelong journey to go through various pains, and it’s our decision to either associate with the right ones and make them worthwhile or lead a life of pointless hurt.