the value of tough times

Yes, life will punch us in the face when we’re riding the wave of success. No matter how wealthy or influential we become, there’s always a chance that we will hit rock bottom. Sometimes due to circumstances, sometimes due to bad luck and sometimes because of our own self-sabotaging actions.

But tough times bring some important things into perspective. They give us the opportunity to better understand ourselves and our capabilities. They are a test for us, a test of our willpower, our commitment to our passions and our emotional intelligence. We realize that we were living under an illusion that we were a totally different person and now with the layers of deception gone, we face who we really are . We understand that we still haven’t progressed enough in terms of our development — mental, physical and spiritual.

We may feel stuck but we should be grateful that now we have a better knowledge of ourselves as a person and with all the lessons that we are learning during tough times, we are charting a better course — a path that we resonate with better — that will get us riding back the wave of true success. It’s just a matter of time.