the world needs your gift

We often look at the notion of doing the work that we truly love and the benefits that it brings to us only from our own perspective. We only think about how fulfilled we would feel or how prosperous we would become when we commit to aligned work. But we also need to look at it from the other side viz. how much value we’ll be adding to other people’s lives.

Contribution is the ultimate goal of aligned work. As much as we have the innate need to express our gift and talent, the world around us needs it too. If we don’t live up to our true potential, we deprive this world of our special gift and talent.

As a business owner we may be only thinking about profits and the revenue that we generate, but as merchants of humanity, we need to think about how much value we will be bringing to people all around the world who come across our work.

It’s our responsibility to express our genius not only for our success, but also for the countless people on this planet that may benefit from it. Along with living our mission or purpose, it’s about how much value we are providing to this world during our lifetime as well.

Living an extraordinary life is never about you, it’s about what you do for others. The more we work, not only for ourselves but for the greater good, the bigger impact we make on this world.