there are no coincidences

We have all come across happenstances, lucky accidents, serendipities in our lives. In everyday life, as we go through our days, we may shrug them off as mere coincidences, but there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

There are no coincidences, but only signs of alignment. These are confirmations given by the Universe, that we are aligned with our Inner Being, indications that all things are happening as they should be and we need to trust their timing.

We need to go with the flow. There is a divine guidance that we are all following, and the more we meditate and spend time in solitude, the more we’ll get in touch with this deeper power. Cultivating awareness is a great asset in understanding the mechanics of this world and beyond.  

These events that we label as “coincidences” are subtle reminders to us that we need to surrender and stop fighting the currents. Just let it go, let it flow.

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