three components of a minimalist mindset

three components of a minimalist mindset

“Minimalism is the constant art of editing your life.”

Danny Dover, The Minimalist Mindset

The mindset of minimalism mainly comprises of three components: routines for taking actions, obsession for executing ideas and prioritization for ensuring growth.

Routine: There are so many actions that we can engage in on any given day. The plethora of choices that we come across can be both overwhelming and debilitating. And that’s where having a routine plays such a huge role. As we find a routine that serves us best and takes into account all the essential actions that we need to take consistently, things get easier for us.

Obsession: Obsession can be a good antidote to the information overload that we are all facing right now. Obsession with a few key insights and ideas can help us focus better and stave off any distractions that come our way. After all, a healthy obsession is an important ingredient to all big advancements and major successes that we see in this world.

Prioritization: In this world of access and abundance, prioritization is one of the most important skills that we can master. If we want to grow and keep moving forward on the success journey, we need to pay attention to prioritization. It’s the best way to spend our precious time and attention consciously so that we are able to maximize our performance and productivity and hence achieve bigger and better successes.

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