three ingredients of a balanced life

Attaining balance is a noble goal as we spend our lives. Whether we walk, ski or ride a bicycle, balance is key. The same applies for life and in any of its areas whether it’s at work, play or relationships. As we keep our goals in sight and progress ahead, it’s important that we stay balanced. Unless we have the right balance, we won’t be able to move forward. Again, think about when you walk or bike, if there’s no balance you’ll fall and you won’t be able to get to where you want to go, right?

The three ingredients of a balanced you and a balanced life are: freedom, courage and consciousness.

Freedom: Live freely and plan your life as if you’re going to live forever. Work towards creating a grand life, both personally and professionally, that is enriched with freedom. When we attain freedom, that’s when we give ourselves the opportunity to tune into our spiritual self and get better aligned. The more stuff we own and the more debt we owe, the difficult it becomes to tune into our purpose and our happiness. Live as if you want to dominate this world (in a good way). Your freedom will help you chart new territories and grow beyond ordinary.

Courage: Courage is crucial. If we always fear about falling or failing, it will affect our balance and our progress. We don’t need to be courageous all the time, we just need courage for a few tiny moments: to take a small step, to get our feet on the pedals and off the ground, to lean and slide forward. The first step is difficult and needs our courage and activation energy. But once we are on course, things get easier and it’s all about maintaining momentum and balance. Courage is a tiny miniscule behavior yet it dictates whether you succeed or struggle, whether you inch towards balance and progress or stall and limit your potential.

Consciousness: Consciousness is the final ingredient. It helps you stave off any negative after effects of freedom and keeps you grounded. It fosters the roots that keep you aligned with your values as you grow yourself ambitiously. It’s important that we become aware — as we move forward in our journey — of the truth that our time is limited. The more in tune we become with our ephemeral existence and inevitable demise, the more we become aware of our journey of life. We get propelled to stay balanced and move forward. When we invest our time and resources in knowing ourselves and what we truly stand for, and as we act accordingly, we bring deliberation in our thoughts, words and actions. As paradoxical as it may sound, our mortality fuels our freedom and helps us feel more alive. As a result, we feel inspired to live a balanced and whole life.

In a nutshell, if you want to live a balanced life, take steps towards freedom, become courageous and cultivate consciousness and awareness. Once we incorporate these three ingredients, we add joy, happiness, meaning and a sense of adventure in our day to day life.