tight bubble of absolute focus

In order to bring your genius into play and achieve top-notch productivity, we need to be able to focus on doing our work for a prolonged amount of time without any distractions or interruptions. We need to create a TBAF: Tight Bubble of Absolute Focus.

When we concentrate intensely on a single task with monomaniacal focus, we achieve a flow state. We open the gates of reception to our inner genius and develop a rhythm inside us that makes work easier.

Schedule jam sessions where you focus on the task at hand with a TBAF for 45-60 minutes (my number right now is 49 minutes), take a recovery break of 10 minutes and then jump back again for another 45-60 minutes. Just a couple of these jam sessions will help you get more work done in a day’s time than what you would be accomplishing in a week or two.

With this monastic and minimalistic approach and consistent bursts of TBAF sessions, you will not only be able to hit a new stride but also raise your game by achieving creativity and productivity that’s out of this world.