to lead is to express your truth

to lead is to express your truth

Leadership is not for the faint-hearted. It involves constantly going against the grain and steadfast dedication and unwavering commitment to your mission and your vision.

We all have to make a crucial choice at some point in our lives: To fit in with the herd or to work towards making this world a better place. You have to pick one, you can’t do both. 

We are taught from a very young age to follow the rules of the society, to behave like everyone, to restrict ourselves in familiar territories, to not fail and not be an outlier and to tone down our thinking to other people’s levels. But in this process, we don’t become better, smarter or wiser; unfortunately, we lose our true selves. 

We must embrace our gifts. We must accept our uniqueness. We must listen to our hearts. And we must trust our instincts and learn to rely on our intuition.

Instead of putting too much emphasis on impressing the people around us and getting liked by them, it’s best to be who you truly are. To lose all masks that you’ve been hiding below and just be authentic. 

To lead is not only about making important decisions and guiding others on the right path. It’s also about expressing and living your truth, no matter what comes your way. 

To become an extraordinary leader, you must love yourself for who you are. You must gather the courage to be “weird” and defy societal norms. You must be happy and willing to be the exception. You must keep moving forward regardless of how many people are walking behind you.


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