today and every day

Today is here, in front of you. If you don’t pay attention, it’ll go away more quickly than you think.

Today is a gift given to you, and the work you do today is a gift for your future.

What will you do today to secure a better future for yourself?

How will you invest your precious resources — your time, attention, energy, and presence — today to build something meaningful, something that not only fulfills you but also leaves a mark on other people’s minds and hearts?

The moments are fleeting away and you need to make a call. You need to make a choice between living and existing.

Do your best work today, do something that aligns with you, something that’s a contribution to the world. Stop overanalyzing, stop procrastinating, stop overthinking, just do what matters the most to you, not for long, just for a short time, even if it’s just for a few minutes, go do it, make it happen.

And do it tomorrow, and the next day. Keep going at it, keep carving your authentic life day by day. Big changes require small increments of progress.

You need to be deliberate with how you spend your time. And this would involve making some hard choices, and doing what the majority won’t.

Your future self deserves your discipline and commitment today. He/She deserves the expression of your genius. He/She deserves the abundance, beauty, happiness and all the wonderful things life has to offer. Your legacy demands it, your humanness warrants it.

Pivot a little today, and keep doing it day by day. Keep chipping at it, and before you know, your life will become a piece of art, a masterpiece, that you knew deep within you had the capability to create.