trusting a higher power (2/2)

trusting a higher power (2/2)

We need to change our vantage point and undergo an ‘identity transplantation.’ The obstacles that we may face are the monkey mind (the incessant chatter that does not help us), our numb heart (that is depriving us of experiencing love, connection, and the beautiful feelings that we are not able to experience), and our physical body (that is tethered to our compulsive actions, tying us to a caged, malignant existence).

We have failed and now we need to surrender to the Higher Power to help us in our healing process. We have tarnished our minds, hearts, and bodies with addictions and attachments. Even if we have lost all our capacity to trust others and hope for a better life, we can rely on the absolute intelligence within us and let it take charge. We need to open our minds and hearts and become solution-oriented rather than being problem-focused.

Thomas Keating, in his book Divine Therapy and Addiction, has said, “The love of God or the Higher Power is what heals us. Nobody becomes a full human being without love. It brings to life people who are most damaged. The steps are really an engagement in an ever-deepening relationship with God. Divine love picks us up when we sincerely believe nobody else will. We then begin to experience freedom, peace, calm, equanimity, and liberation from cravings for what we have come to know are damaging — cravings that cannot bring happiness, but at best only momentary relief that makes the real problem worse.”

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