trusting the universe

Sometimes, we take things too seriously and start focusing too much on the details. The more we try to control things, the bigger is the chance that we’ll screw things up. Instead, it’s best to relinquish control, and take it easy and relax.

When things get too chaotic and when we feel overwhelmed, anxious and fearful, it’s best to take a step back and surrender. Those are the times when our trust in the Universe is put to a test.

We don’t have to feel weak or disempowered but instead trust that the Universe around us and within us will inspire us to take the action that is right for us.

We can have a firm belief in the Universe and know things are going to work out in our favor because it has our back. All things and details that we are stressing over will be taken care of.

When we surrender to the Universe or a power greater than us, we become empowered in a new, better and more effective way than we believed was even possible for us.

As we tune into the Grand Plan, the Universe opens its arms for us and takes us to where we need to be.

Whenever things seem out of control and chaotic and you feel powerless and helpless, just know that this is temporary and surrender. As you trust the Universe and let go of control, you will feel empowered.

Go with the natural flow and let the power of the Universe guide you to tap into your personal power.

Believe that the Universe has your back. Trust that all your needs will be met and things will get taken care of. When there is chaos and confusion, be hopeful that the Universe will eliminate the fog and clarity will come to you soon.