tune to the frequency within you

We lose touch with ourselves, more specifically our uniqueness and humanness as we spend our everyday life. We come across so many stimuli and come across new people.

Unfortunately, sometimes our thoughts are dictated by what other people have done to us and how they have treated us. We get seduced by the victim mindset and keep getting stuck in the quicksand of negativity. We keep going down getting dirty in the process with nowhere to escape.

We need to tune out those thought patterns and tune into the frequency within us, the frequency of goodness, of our wiser self. We need to get in touch with our Inner Being that holds no grudges, hurts, resentments, and anger towards anyone. We need to focus on being human, which warrants us to look at others with empathy, compassion and forgiveness.

No matter how much we resist and refrain from letting go of past hurts and emotional bruises, there’s no point in regurgitating and ruminating over what has harmed or hurt us. We go through those experiences again and we get stuck in the cycle of unnecessary despair.

We can’t deny that when we let go of those toxic thought cycles and the emotional baggage that has been weighing us down we feel lighter, happier and are more inspired to bring positive changes in our lives.

The best way to move forward is to do more things that make us feel good. We can spend time with people who uplift us and makes us feel good about ourselves. We can flush out the dark waters of negativity with the fresh springs that are enriched with positivity, happiness, success and abundance.

As we elevate ourselves, we tune into the frequency within and get aligned with who we truly are — an ever present peaceful consciousness that operates perennially from unconditional love.

It’s not an easy feat, but with time we get better at it. It’s akin to tug of war. When the pull of our Inner Being, our higher self, is stronger than the negativity from the outside world, we enter into a blissful state and embrace the goodness that lies within us. We experience peace and tranquility within that helps us reconnect with the world in an elevated, better and kinder way.