tuning into the right relationships

In order for a relationship to succeed and thrive, we need to understand what it’s about and what are its requirements. Every relationship has its own frequency, and in order to achieve clarity and have proper communication, we need to tune to it. It’s akin to tuning to a particular FM channel on the radio. If we don’t tune well to a radio station, there’ll be unnecessary noise and lack of reception.

We all come across different relationships in our lives and it’s important that we work towards tuning into the important ones. Also, we need to understand that no matter how much we try to tune into a particular relationship, if the transmission isn’t there, we will hear nothing. We are in essence both transmitters and receivers. But in order for the communication to happen, there needs to be an alignment and the frequency needs to match.

The frequency of every relationship is unique — being a loving daughter involves a different frequency as compared to being a caring sister.

In order to be able to successfully tune in and out of the relationships in our daily life, it’s important that we become deliberate with our relationships and don’t clutter our lives with unnecessary ones that don’t add value to our life. The more high quality relationships we have, the better we’ll able to tune into them and enjoy the ride of life. Things will get a whole lot easier.

It’s important that both the parties are involved into tuning to a relationship. For instance, in a mother-son relationship, both mother and son are transmitters and receivers, and if both of them are aligned to their respective relationship frequencies, overall the relationship thrives. But if one is tuned in, and the other is not, then it leads to lack of effective communication and as a result, the relationship suffers.

If sometimes no matter how much we try to tune in, but the transmission isn’t there, then there’s no point in blaming ourselves or beating ourselves up. We simply need to let it go. The same applies for times when we transmit well, but the person on the other end is not tuned in to the relationship frequency that allows them to listen to us. It’s not our fault.

We can’t take responsibility for the other person tuning in or out, all we can do is take care of whether we are tuned in or not. And if no matter how much we try, if the relationship doesn’t prosper, it’s okay to let it go.

As we tune into these different relationship frequencies, we also need to realize that the most important relationship that we have in this lifetime is with ourselves, with the Source within us. Unless we are tuned into our higher self — our Inner Being — we’ll not feel satisfied and happy. And if we’re not satisfied and happy with ourselves, it’ll create noise and negatively affect our relationships with others as well.  

Instead of letting our relationships complicate our lives, we can take a simple approach of tuning into them and see if we hear a soothing music or not. It’s all about tuning into the relationships that bring music to our ears and our hearts, and letting go of the ones that bring noise, annoyance and silence. As we constantly tune into the beautiful ones, their soulful music and satisfying melodies will make our ride much more enjoyable and worthwhile.