two paths of easy

We all can make things easier around us. One way is finding a cheap trick and “hack” our way to success. Yes, we can always take a shortcut that can make it easier to reach our destination and get our desired outcome. But then what? We fantasize another destination and look for more shortcuts, and this starts a never-ending obsession.

Another path is that of gradual progress — to become better every day. The better we become, the easier things get.

The more we grow, the easier we find dealing with problems and obstacles and seeking solutions to them. With consistent learning and expansion, we become more resourceful and self-reliant as the days progress.

We are training not only for the short term but for the long haul. We’re taking it easy and marching at our own pace. We may be slow but we are also steady, just like our turtle friend.

One path of easy will give you a quick win, but make you dependent and lackadaisical, while the other path will not only help you amass consistent victories and attain perennial glory but also ensure you become the best version of yourself. One will give you ephemeral pleasures but the other will give you long-term happiness and sustainable joy. It’s your call, which path will you choose today?