two traits that lead to trust

What matters the most in our work and our life is the fact that people are able to trust us and count on us when the need arises.

A couple of traits that we can work towards cultivating within us are: genuineness and consistency. When we exude these two qualities, people feel safe and comfortable around us and are able to trust us.

When we are genuine and consistent, people know what to expect from us. Even if we keep growing and developing as the years go by, people know our roots and what principles we stand by.

Genuineness means there are no pretenses; we are simply who we are. Our actions align with our words and our thoughts. Insead of building walls around us, we work towards opening ourselves and being vulnerable. It takes courage and strength to become vulnerable, and when people notice it, they open themselves as well leading to a deeper and much more meaningful bond.

Consistency essentially translates to acting in alignment with our values and our beliefs. People know what kind of things inspire us and drive us. We stand strong with our commitments. We spend time doing things that resonate with us. People know our actions are in alignment with our long-term values. We don’t alter our paths and keep changing lanes. Our core beliefs remain same no matter what and as people learn this as they spend time with us over years, they start admiring and respecting us for our commitments.  

In this day and age filled with marketers trying to sell their products and services, trust is the currency of new commerce. Our impact comes before income, and with impact not only we benefit people, but we also foster trust.

If there’s one thing we can aim for in the journey of living a meaningful and impactful life, it’s trust. As we keep focusing on it and work towards it, we not only nurture and develop synergistic relationships but also elevate our life experiences and achieve depth in the moments that we get to live on this planet.