understanding productivity

understanding productivity

The classic definition suggests that it is “a way to measure efficiency.” Many people assume that productivity means getting more things done on a given day. If you think the same, you’re wrong. Productivity is getting the most important things done on a consistent basis. No matter what line of work you’re in, there are only a few tasks that are truly essential to achieving your desired outcomes.  

At its core, productivity is about getting the results you want with minimal time and effort. Learning how to be productive involves designing a strategy that helps you systemize and better manage your life so that you have more time to do what you want. Your chief aim is to achieve your big goals while having time to spend on things that matter the most to you. 

We often make the mistake of equating being busy with being productive, but those things aren’t the same. We all know people who run around haphazardly throughout their days busy being busy. It’s almost as if they are addicted to constant motion. 

You must quit being busy. Instead, it’s much better to be productive. Not only will you achieve more, but you’ll also get rid of that uncomfortable knot in your stomach — yes, the one that tells you’re doing something wrong — that you feel your entire day. The satisfaction of being productive always trumps the hollowness of being busy. “Don’t mistake movement for achievement,” Jim Rohn explained, “It’s easy to get faked out by being busy. The question is: Busy doing what?”

It’s much better to focus on progress, not motion — to stop being busy, and start being productive. We must be efficient and diligent with our time. We all have 24 hours in a day, and it’s wise to make the most of them and develop lasting habits of high performance, achievement and fulfillment instead of running around like a headless chicken and chasing endless lists of tasks. In other words, work with intentionality, not intensity. Work smarter, not harder. Focus on tasks that bring significant outcomes and spend time doing work that truly matters.

Living and working with purpose and intention helps us eliminate the constant rush and stress in our everyday life. It slows it down and frees us from the modern madness of living a faster life. It empowers us to create an alternate world for ourselves and to only keep the essentials letting go of the frivolous and the insignificant. Furthermore, it drives us to pursue those things, endeavors and activities that bring joy and add value to our life.

In my new book Daily Productivity (Book 5, The Daily Learner Series), I have extracted the knowledge and wisdom from the best books on productivity, time management and the art of extraordinary performance in a form that is easy to digest and consume (even if you’re not a reader!). Every meditation has been crafted to give you either the essence and the formula, if you will, of the subject at hand, or a groundbreaking idea introduced by the respective author. 

I’m sure the condensed timeless knowledge in these meditations will assist you in navigating through the complexities that come with working in the modern world. The fundamentals to achieving better results and mastering the art of stress-free productivity will never change and that’s why it’s crucial that we learn and practice them in our day-to-day life to advance forward both personally and professionally. You can get your copy of Daily Productivity here.