untangle the headphone wires

I used to wear regular headphones a few years back. Although it was great to listen to music and audiobooks on the go, I hated and even dreaded untangling the wires of headphones every time I wanted to listen to something. And the worst part was that sometimes the wires would come in my way of doing an activity, such as working out at the gym or biking around in the city.

Then one fine day, I saw a guy wearing these headphones that only had a short single wire between his ears. I was quite surprised with the sorcery and I did what any curious person of my age would do — I went on Amazon. Voila! I saw a bunch of inexpensive bluetooth headphones available and within a few days I was having my own pair of bluetooth headphones plugged into my ears whenever I was on the move. Things got so much easier for me and I fell in love with them.

Life is like our headphones; sometimes it gets tangled due to our desires, obligations, work commitments and relationships. What’s the solution? Well, we need to upgrade it. And as we do it, we need to focus on one and only one thing — Simplify.

We need to find a life that gives us more freedom and mobility. That may mean getting rid of the long wires viz. the stuff — mental, physical and spiritual — and the clutter that we have in our calendar and at our home and work space. We need to throw away our old lifestyle and find a new one that ensures we are able to do actions that we truly love and positions us to attain the outcomes that we really want.

Our time and attention are precious, either we can spend them untangling the wires or instead use them well by switching to a newer, better solution. So, why not let go of the unnecessary, daily difficulties and microstresses and instead choose a simple alternative that makes our life easier and much more satisfying?