using your past failures to succeed

Failure is inevitable, it’s part and parcel of life. We can’t truly escape failures, but if we choose we can put them to good use by learning from them. We all fall in our lives, and for some of us it’s quite severe and catastrophic. However, the game changers and superachievers amongst us don’t let their fall deter them. They get up, dust themselves off and get back on track again. They take an inventory of all the lessons that they learned from the failure that they experienced, and make a resolution to not repeat the same mistakes again.

Instead of seeing a failure as an insurmountable obstacle, the exceptionalists amongst us view it as an opportunity to learn some crucial lessons, and a chance to tweak their current path or embark upon a completely new one. 

There’s no point in dwelling in our past failures because it’s a sheer waste of our precious time and attention. Instead, it’s best to absorb the lesson that we have learned and attain more clarity as we progress ahead. 

In simple words, we have to learn to use our past failures to succeed. As Matthew Podolsky from Florida Law Advisers shares, “If it was easy, you wouldn’t have failed. Your failure was likely the result of you doing something difficult, something new and challenging. Take a moment to be proud that you even attempted whatever led to the failure. Remind yourself of the honor that lives in that and be proud that you are doing something that is worth the potential to fail. Look back for motivation to get it right next time.”