Like the Symbiotes introduced in Marvel Comics that arrived on Earth from outer space, in real life we have a similar species on our planet as well, that has been growing exponentially over time. It’s always around us, penetrating us day in and day out without our knowing.

I’m talking about the ever-expanding species of Information that we are encountering today on a daily basis.

We’re all bombarded with the Information Symbiote through various media and platforms that as a consequence sticks to us and becomes a part of our being. It takes charge over us and dictates the decisions that we take in our daily lives. We believe it’s making us smarter and more knowledgeable and we fall into the illusion that we’re becoming more powerful; after all knowledge is power right? But we are wrong. It’s consuming us and robbing us of our inner treasures and our innate goodness. It’s feeding on our most precious resources — our time, presence and attention.

You may or may not be a superhero fighting for a good cause or a knowledge seeker who is looking for truth. Regardless of who you are and what role you’re playing in this world, it’s important that you don’t get seduced by this Information Symbiote.

Don’t let all the negativity that comes with fake news and other enticing media attach to you. Like a Symbiote, it will start harboring inside you. You’ll be duped to believe you’re enhancing yourself but you’re actually walking on a darker path, estranging your loved ones and hurting people in the process. The slow poison that builds inside us over time can have unimaginable repercussions.

The best way to reinstate our sanity and stability is to get this digital venom out of our system. Restrict your information intake and keep an eye on your education to entertainment ratio.

In this day and age, we don’t have a choice; we need to stand guard at the doorsteps of our bodies and our minds, so that we always work for the betterment of ourselves and others’, and stay away from becoming an anti-hero.