walk like an elephant

Most of us are running haphazardly trying to achieve the success, wealth and abundance that we desire. We may even achieve a few accomplishments, but then sooner or later, we lose our steam and start falling behind. And the same applies for learning and personal development. We read a book or listen to an audiobook with full gusto or join a fitness training program with great energy and excitement, but then as we go ahead, our enthusiasm starts fading away and soon we are back to square one.

When it comes to attracting extraordinary success and developing ourselves, the best thing that we can do is take a slow and steady but impactful approach.

We can take inspiration from the way an elephant walks in this regard. We can design our journey of success and personal development after the majestic walk of an elephant — slow, steady and elegant.

With attracting extraordinary success and becoming an exceptional person, it’s all about consistency. It’s all about showing up again and again. An elephant keeps moving forward with strength and purpose, no matter what the terrain is. It may have to walk uphill, or take a route downhill, or simply keep moving forward on flat ground at a stretch. It may across dry lands or water bodies, open, luxurious spaces or dense, claustrophobic forests. Regardless of the circumstances, it keeps moving forward.

As we cultivate this steady approach and walk like an elephant, we simply focus on taking one step at a time. We are not anxious and worried whether we are making progress or not, we know we are. Nor are we in a hurry to get to the destination. We are making progress and at the same enjoying the new sights and experiences that every new day brings with it.

We are taking the required daily actions and at the same time ensuring that we don’t overexert ourselves and get too exhausted after a day’s work that we need to take a stoppage. A big advantage of taking the slow, steady and consistent approach is that we keep ourselves from burning out and are able to protect our inspiration every day.

We take the middle ground where we simply put gentle efforts consistently and keep marching towards our goals at steady pace.