we can fight this together

Police killings. Racial discrimination. Communal riots. Vandalism. The visuals are nothing but appalling. Yes, it’s best to not let negativity and toxic news seep into and dominate our life. I’ve communicated many times why we must stay away from news and focus on personal growth and skill development instead for our better success and well-being. But at the moment, we just can’t turn a blind eye to what’s happening in America, not as a responsible global citizen. 

All our hearts are aching and filled with sadness and disbelief over the events that transpired in the past couple of weeks. People of color, especially Black Americans, have been going through racism and discrimination, whether it be intentionally or unintentionally, for a very long time now. And it’s time that we all unite and fight together to fix this social issue. 

The first step that we can all take in this direction is to develop a firm belief in our minds that change is possible

One thing that stops us from making real change happen in the world is our own resistance towards it. We start living the lie that we are too small, too insignificant to make lasting change happen. We start thinking it’s futile to question the norms and start believing that some problems are just too big to solve. 

But the truth is that there’s not a single problem that’s too big to be fixed. When we muster the courage to work towards bringing positive change in the world and cultivate an unwavering faith in our ability to succeed no matter how many setbacks or obstacles we encounter, we empower ourselves to accomplish huge feats together. 

The key lies in taking small, consistent steps towards creating meaningful change. If we all work together and take little actions every single day to overcome racism and discrimination, sooner or later we will fix this issue for good. 

It’s important that we take personal responsibility for our words, behaviors and actions. If we all align them towards this cause and actively fight for it together, day in and day out, we can overcome this problem.

Hate and divide never benefit anyone. Love does. And that’s why it’s crucial that we all take a united front and believe that we can indeed create the change that we want to see in this world. 

Never forget, we’re humans first and each of us is our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper. Let’s fight together — for our shared humanity, for a better future, and for a peaceful and more evolved world. We can do this.