weak moments

We work hard and guide ourselves towards alignment and better well-being, and then out of nowhere come weak moments — times when we lose our shit and things go south. We say things we shouldn’t have, we cause mental or physical harm to someone, we argue against our better judgment and we fight for no good reason. We know we are doing something wrong that our highest self won’t do, but the momentum is so strong that we can’t help.

When this happens recurrently, it’s a sign of a bigger problem, a problem that we need to address imminently. There’s a dire need to course-correct, otherwise we’ll keep moving forward in this darker path with serious consequences. We all face weak moments and it’s important that we practice awareness so that we stop ourselves going down the rabbit hole. We need to prepare for those weak moments in advance so that we have a calmer approach towards them when they show up. Lastly, we need to learn from them. We can become cognizant of the words and/or actions that got us into trouble, despair and repentance, and make a promise to ourselves to never repeat them again.

Happiness lies in letting the weak moments go and moving forward with better awareness and fortitude. Weak moments are inevitable and we all struggle with them, but we can make sure that we don’t add fuel to the fire by behaving and acting in ways that don’t resonate with our higher selves. This is easier said than done, but if we practice calm and work on being in touch with our inner peace, no matter what situation we’re put in, we can tackle those challenges in a better way without losing our sense and acting irrationally.

To err is human; we are not perfect, but we should constantly work on minimizing the mistakes that we make, especially when the tides are not in our favor. What has happened, has happened, there’s no point in judging or demeaning ourselves, but we need to commit to becoming better and more aware from now on, because when we take care of ourselves, we take care of others too.