what are your core values?

In order to live our truth and a life of meaning and authenticity, we need to figure out our core values. These values communicate the individual essence of a person and help them in identifying their most important priorities.

Whether it is designing your lifestyle or your business, you need to make sure it aligns with your core values. Otherwise, you’ll be signing up for misery, despair, and frustration.

Our core values are priceless and can guide us when we’re amidst difficult times or times when we’re engulfed with temptations. That’s why, it’s crucial that we make a list of these values and refer to them on a consistent basis.

Because a majority percentage of our success in any aspect of our life is based on our behaviors, our core values play a crucial role in shaping our personal code of conduct. In other words, honoring our personal core values is an essential component of our success journey; if we neglect them we set ourselves up for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual suffering.

Figuring out our core values requires tons of self-introspection and a dedicated study of ourselves and what turns us on. We can avoid misalignment in our life, work, and relationships if we abide by our core values and respect and honor them.

So today, make a list of the core values that drive you as a person. Do the same with respect to your work or business. This exercise is a game changer and I urge you to go through it. Listing them on a crisp sheet of paper will help you attain clarity and a sense of purpose and become cognizant of virtues that intrinsically propel you.

Life is short, but we can make it long when we focus our time and efforts on doing things that add meaning and happiness in our lives. Your core values will be your perennial guide, a beacon if you will, that will guide you constantly in your life’s journey and make sure that it is worthwhile and fun.