what you do now will determine your future

This is a time when all our lives are pretty much stagnant. It’s normal to feel stuck. It’s normal to encounter pandemic blues. It’s normal to sometimes get in the downward negative spiral. 

This global event is not our fault. But how we respond to it, what we do with it,  that’s on us. This dichotomy is what lies at the core of Stoic philosophy — to let go of external circumstances and the things that are beyond our control, and only focus on the things that we control, i.e., our mind, our emotions and how we respond to this catastrophe. 

We can all think like Marcus Aurelius and identify ways we can turn everything that happens to us into fuel; and transform the obstacle that lies in our path into the path itself. 

We can choose to either come up with excuses and lay low or we can get ourselves in the attack mode, as Jocko Willink suggests, and discover new opportunities to elevate our professional and personal lives. 

We have a choice to use this time constructively and wisely or to abuse it and squander it away. Either we can make something out of it and sow seeds of prosperity and opportunity, or we can complain, play the blame game and hide in the shadows waiting for things to get normal again. 

What are you going to choose? Alive time or dead time? Obstacle or opportunity? Mediocrity or success? It’s important that you make a wise choice. Because what you choose now will have a direct impact on your future, whether you like it or not.

PS: This global crisis that we are all going through is an ideal time to elevate our interior empires and focus on becoming better every day. To not only go through this adversity, but also grow through this adversity. 

I’ve set up the Karma Yogi “Sharpen Your Axe” Challenge to help you just do that. To bring a positive transformation in yourself and your life. To help you have more “alive time.” Join me on this journey, sign up today.