when entropy reigns

When entropy becomes dominant, things get disorderly. There is chaos both inside and around us. If we let the heat of the difficult moments get to us, we will feed the entropy.

A calm and cool approach can help us reassess the situation and look at the entropy objectively, so that we are able to craft a strategy that can reinstate order and predictability in our lives.

Entropy is bound to happen in our lives, it’s a friend of Murphy’s Law and it will always show up along with a calamity or catastrophe.

We can’t control entropy and its arrival but what we can control is how we prepare for it in advance and never lose awareness of it even when everything is working out great in our lives.

We need to learn to be calm and cool when we see it coming and eventually are stuck in it.

It’s not about resisting entropy because the more we resist, the more it will persist. It’s about not engaging with it, keeping our emotions in check, and finding an exit plan so that we can bring order and certainty back in our lives.