why a scarcity mindset is bad for you

why a scarcity mindset is bad for you

We can take one of the two approaches to success and life: the first one is thinking that we have finite resources around us and in order for us to be successful we need to compete with everyone; another approach is believing that we have unlimited resources at our disposal and things always show up in our lives with correct timing. In the long term, I highly recommend cultivating the latter approach.

The term ‘abundance mindset’ was coined by Stephen Covey and the basic premise is thinking that there is enough for everyone. Many of us unfortunately think that life is a zero-sum game. If someone gets a taste of success such as getting a promotion and earning a higher income than us or buying a new house, we think that there is less for us now. We start hating when other people succeed and harbor resentment and jealousy towards them.

With this scarcity mindset we will never succeed because if we condemn the wealth and success of another person, we condemn the wealth and success of ourselves as well. It’s a reflection that we are not in alignment with the abundance of the Universe.The Universe is expanding and so are our choices and the resources around us.

When we get stuck in a scarcity mindset, our creativity declines. We start thinking that we have limited choices and options for us and there is never enough for us to go around. We start blocking the creative energy within us and curb our success. Instead, we need to start thinking there is always more of what we desire. Because of the scarcity mindset, we hold on to things and cling to them. The sad truth is that the more we cling to other people and things, the more we suffer.

Scarcity mindset breeds impatience, anger and other negative emotions. The more we are in touch with them, the sooner we go in a downward spiral. We start isolating and ostracizing ourselves from all the great things and people around us. Instead, we should make it a conscious decision to become aware when we drift towards a mindset of lack and bring our mind back to being in alignment with the abundance around us. When we commit to an abundant mindset, success becomes inevitable.

We may face obstacles and delays, but that doesn’t mean that the abundance is not there. It just means that the right time is yet to arrive. The Universe has its own ways to orchestrate events in our lives, and we need to trust the process and develop patience and fortitude within ourselves.

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