why goal setting is important?

This essay is an excerpt from my book, The Way of The Karma Yogi .

When it comes to attaining higher quality and quantity of successes, it all comes down to one skill: setting, sticking to and committing to BIG goals. Goal setting is key to living a rich, diverse and vibrant life full of achievements, experiences and contributions.

Darren Hardy, author of the bestselling book The Compound Effect, has remarked that nearly 100 percent of superachievers have two common traits:

  1. A relentless commitment to constant learning and;
  2. Clear goals expressed in a beautifully crafted document detailing their plans to achieve them.

Goal setting provides long-term vision as well as short-term inspiration. It focuses our acquisition of knowledge, defines our strategy to take relevant actions, and helps us in organizing our time, energy and other resources so that we make the most of our lives.

As we set sharp, clearly defined goals for ourselves, we are able to monitor our progress as we go ahead in our journey. As we progress forward, we start enjoying the journey instead of looking at it as a never-ending monotonous and mundane grind. Our marching forward fuels our self-confidence and boosts our self-esteem. We become cognizant of our own ability and competency and take pride when we accomplish those goals. This takes us on the upward spiral and inspires us to set further lofty goals for ourselves. 

Goal setting will give you the killer advantage over other people who are clueless about how to direct their focus and actions. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity, background, education or job is and where you are in the success spectrum; you can emerge as a winner if you master the process of goal setting. You will access the hidden potential inside you and be able to achieve only in a matter of few months or years that might take others their entire life to accomplish. Your rapid progress will not only surprise you but amaze others as well.