why having fun leads to greater success

why having fun leads to greater success

This excerpt is from my book The Way of the Karma Yogi.

Fun is an essential contributing element in attracting success. If we do something that brings fun to us and we excel at it, we invite success and abundance in our lives. Once we start doing things that we truly enjoy, we identify a passion and start cultivating it. Soon, we achieve excellence in that craft and learn the nuances of that trade. With time and consistent actions, our success becomes inevitable.

Fun also breeds creativity. When we do something for fun, we feel happy about it. In a happy state, creativity nourishes. As we are having fun, we become more open-minded about trying new things and embarking new avenues. We borrow different concepts and integrate ideas from other areas and apply to our work, and as a result our creation or end product stands out easily amongst the noise and competition around.

People start appreciating our work and come to us as they realize that we have genuine expertise and know things that nobody else knows, or fulfill a need that no one else can. We start adding value to people’s lives while we do something that brings fun and fulfillment to us. That’s the true meaning of success. It may end up bringing money and fame to us, but these are just the by-products of doing the things that we love. Our true reward is being able to live this life full of meaning and purpose in an effortless manner, because we’re doing something that is not at all work for us, it’s a source of happiness and fun.

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